Product description

In TreeDB terminology, a database will be referred to as a domain. TreeDB supports an infinite number of independent domains. A domain includes data structures, data, specific program code etc. Essentially, it includes every type of data one could need to set-up a domain aka. database. 

This is a depiction of the conceptual framework of the TreeDB system, referenced through a zoological database, featuring some of the animals at Schönbrunn zoo. The primary structure of a domain is an erect tree with corresponding nodes and leaves. A tree is created in correlation with a predefined reference tree or a set of guidelines. In the supplied example of the zoo database, the tree is built around the taxonomic hierarchy of the unique species it contains. The ITIS (Integrated Taxonomic Information System) works as a reference tool for importing a singular species. 


Every node or every leaf of a tree corresponds to a specific type of data, which dictates data organization and display by its type. In our example, data for the amount of animals recorded has been saved according to sex, level of endangerment and by further relevant data for each species. 

This data is interlinked with a HTML- template, providing the option of integrating a template engine like FreeMarker, Velocity or utilising PHP in combination with Macros, to simplify data substitution.

A predefined data type specific Wiki, with its own HTML editor and image management tool, has been integrated into the zoological database. Alternatively a Java-BeanShell- script or Java - code can be implemented for data display.