TreeDB is a web based programmable database system for hierarchical data structures, which are organised in the form of a tree. Every leaf or node can be interlinked with desired data (data fields, text, multimedia data or documents). Diverse data also has the option of being worked into the body of a presentation in HTML format or can be displayed in collaboration with programme logic. 

Screenshot 1 - A sample database, which takes a selection of the animals at Schönbrunn Zoo, and showcases the ordering of their scientific descriptions in a taxonomic database. Each species is displayed individually according to their zoological order. The data for every species includes information about how many animals are currently in captivity, their degree of endangerment and a short description of the species. 

Screenshot 2 – Sample database, which displays proteins as a rotating 3-D model in PDB - Format, assisted by the Javascript library ChemDoodle.


TreeDB provides the necessary tools for the quick and easy implementation of the tree-like data formation and the organization and search functionality of the data itself. Additionally, the primary function of each database can be expanded upon to cover additional user requirements like the need for further authorization, linking to other databases and more. 

Screenshot 3 - Fictional blood database 

Screenshot 4 - The patient data in the fictional blood database, including a visual data representation of the findings.