The   shows you information about the database's write rights, including further details/tabs. 


The edit tab makes it possible for you to define the diverse descriptive details of the database.

The name, the alternate name and the database can be altered. The name of the database must be specific, meaning that a name must be in the system only once. The two icons, which visually represent the database can be also be altered through this dialogue. These icons come  in the following sizes : 100x100 and 16x16 pixels.

The Images tab manages images, which can globally function in the database and, with the help of the  $GLOBAL_IMAGE(IMAGE_NAME) macro, can be referenced inside each and every node.

Opens the dialogue for uploading images 
Opens the window for editing image data
Deletes selected images 


 The Macros  tab manages macros, which control textual substitutions.

Adds a new macro
Opens a window for editing macros 
Deletes selected macros.


Example: Macro: LIVESTOCK 

This complex language dependent macro displays information about a livestock population in the form of an HTML table.

Value substitution is implemented with help of the template engine FreeMarket. Check out the SDK documentation for more detail about macros.


A view of the macro after a value substitution has taken place.

The supported languages tab displays a list of languages supported by this database.