After successfully signing in, you must newly open any databases you wish to modify. This will allow you to see the tabs needed to alter the data. 

The node specific WIKI is available as a reference for text and images.


The node specific WIKI has a built-in HTML editor with comprehensive formatting possibilities at its command. Through downwardly clicking the arrow on the pop up window, (See the red circle in the screenshot).......

... all the options this editor provides can be integrated.

Description of the control icons:

The middle symbol deletes all changes and restores data back to its starting point.

Saves changes. 
 Deletes all changes and restores the data back its starting point. 
Blends all available images

Through clicking on the preview of the image, a macro referencing it will inserted in the text.

The image tab manages images.

Description of the control icons:

Opens the dialogue for image uploading.
Deletes selected images.
Opens a window for editing image related data.

 Editing image data:

Description of the control icons:

Saves changes.
Deletes changes in progress (unsaved changes).
The folowing symbols dependently function according to the charactaristics of an image.  
Displays the image in the original size.
Shows the EXIF - file for images in JPG format.
Displays the GPS-Information of an image in Google Maps, putting it to hand

Here is a description of the command led box Ignore GPS data.

As the functionality of a camera's GPS unit depends on various circumstantial factors, if your camera first shows correct coordinates after a long delay, there is another option available for you. You may choose to not use the saved GPS data to correspond with the actual co-ordinates of the image. When the command box is ticked, the GPS data will be ignored.