Further specialities


Our experience in the software development industry has spanned over many years and often included tackling unsual problems and handling unique projects: See References :

  • Java: Front-end and back-end server solutions
  • C/C++, MSVC: Focused on system based programming
  • Groovy & Grails
  • Databases
  • HTML, XML, Adobe Flash/OpenLaszlo-Development - See LaTeX-Demo
  • Software development for the groupware Open Xchange solution.
  • Voice recognition software and computer-based telephonic technology
  • Script generation for: VB, Perl, TCL, PHP, Python,…

Server hosting

Based on the virtual Promox VE solution, we provide tailor made virtual machines for our customers in a certified data centre. As the server infrastructure, (keyword: housing), is looked after directly by us, we are able to provide personalised, flexible solutions.


We provide the IT infrastructure for a wide variety of customers - From external data centre based solutions to comprehensive IT support on site, we cover all the essential IT services like server support (Windows & Linux), network support, client roll-out and more.